Cake is Cake, and This One is For Her.

Posted by casey on September 7, 2008 in Family |

No it isn’t the best cake…in fact I am not sure if I would even call it a good cake.  But, it was my Mom’s favorite…straight out of a box…still cold from the fridge, just her style.  Today mom would have been 60 years old, quite a milestone, and while she is no longer with us, this is the second birthday that I have celebrated for her with her cake.  Not a pity party, or a joyous party but for me it is a simple acknowledgement for myself that I do remember and I won’t forget.  You see, unfortunately for Colter, birthdays were always a huge deal in our family. (Now Colter has to live with me anticipating mine every year)

Mom would always wake us up singing Happy Birthday and while, the singing wake up call wasn’t rare,  the Happy Birthday tune was a fantastic change from her made up “Good morning, good morning, it is time to start the day.” songs.  There were always a few presents on the kitchen table along with your favorite breakfast to start the day and I think, if she didn’t love education so much she would have pulled us out of school every year on our birthdays just to keep us to herself.  Off to school we went though, with a note in our lunch, treats for our class and more surprises at home.  When we were younger you got to go to your favorite restaurant and as we got older it was a favorite meal.  My favorite restaurant was always Max & Erma’s in Ohio because when it is your birthday they would bring you a whole round cake…not just a slice.  (We all know how much I love cake) A restaurant cake wasn’t good enough for Mom, even when we got to bring it all home.  So, there was always a personalized one waiting for us.  I can honestly say that even when we were little our birthdays were longer than a day, and as we grew so did they.  It is a constant joke in our family that I have a birthday month…I start talking about it early and keep it going after.

I suppose it isn’t so much the birthday, it is just that I was taught to love that day.  Mom always talked about how birthdays are the one holiday, the one day that is just yours.  It belongs to you, it is about you and for those of us who are always self-sacrificing, it is the one day to be a little selfish.  My selfish act for her birthday..eating that cake…possibly the whole thing.   We love you, we deeply miss you, and this is simply for you!




  • Dad says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful piece. I didn’t say anything to you today because I didn’t know if you had remembered. I still have a real hard time on days like this. I wish I could have expressed myself as nicely as you just did without getting all teary eyed.

    I love you baby


    P.S. It would have been her 60th

  • Gloria says:

    The biggest and warmest hugs to such a sweet woman who will forever be in our hears. She is what true love brings to all those lives she’s touched.

    We have all been blessed to have shared her for a little while. We will one day see you soon.


  • Bri says:

    What a special blog post, Casey, thank you for sharing it with us. She is such a beautiful and kindhearted person, I feel joyous to have known her as long as I did. She is always in my thoughts when I make a batch of cinnamon buns or get a whiff of her amazing perfume on a passerby :)

    Cheers to sixty years young.

  • Christine says:

    You make me cry! She was wonderful and so are you! Love you.

  • Kathy says:

    That was so beautiful, I’m sure if I had met your Mom I would have loved her also! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about her and she is truly not forgotten. My thoughts are with you as I also know how “special days “impact us all….


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