Oh, Hello February

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We are eight days in.
Eight Days.
And February is HARD!

Here is the thing. Come January you hit the ground running.  Exhausted from the holidays maybe, but invigorated with ideas, and perspective, and dare I say it, goals? On the ball.  Ready to change.  Making the change.  Off to that great start.

And then it is February.

And your brain, okay…my brain went, “Oh my, we are only a month in to this whole ‘being present, spending less, laughing more, letting it go, I’m so easy-breezy go with the flow because I’m choosing not to care that my house is a mess and covered in fingerprints because I am a kick-ass, oh shoot I forgot I am working on my foul mouth, kick-booty mom’.  Deep breath in, deep breath out.  Everybody together now.


One month in.

Grace.  By gee golly, goodness, gumdrops give me all the gosh darn grace.
(And maybe just one well placed, if I absolutely need it to make a point swear word? No? Okay…no.  Got it.  No Swearing. Not even when the dog throws up on the bed. )

But isn’t that the whole point? That we are imperfect?  Our day to day lives are messy.  Be it as moms or wives or friends, they all fall very much into the imperfect category for me.   So. Let’s not beat ourselves up.  Because I have come to notice that internally, I do that often.  “Ugh, I did so well last month and was really enjoying and embracing the chaos and then the past week has gone to…ummm, gone to, ummm the dogs?”  Is that a non-sweary thing one might say?

Here I am eight days in to the second month of a brand new year feeling defeated instead of celebrating the efforts I put into action last month (goodbye phone in reach, goodbye toxic, goodbye house cleanliness, hello stretching, hello playtime, hello photographing, hello journaling) when the truth is…DSC_1940

A. I still have a heck of a lot of February left.  Hello obvious.DSC_2090
B. I also have 10.5 months left to continue these efforts. Duh.
C. The only one keeping score is me, so the “scoreboard” just went in the trash.
D. Isn’t chugging along in slow progress better than none?

No one cares if February feels hard to you like it does me. NO ONE.
(ironic since here I am writing to you about it but, meh, I’m cool with that)

Okay wait.  That is a lie.  Yup.  That whole “no one cares” bit.  Lies.

We care.  Our brain, hearts and therefore bodies care.  Even with my list of reasonable reasons as to why some of those heartfelt wanted changes went by the wayside, somewhere in there cares.  And if we are beating ourselves up than that is what we have to offer back to ourselves, our homes, our families and our day to day life.  A beat up version of our self.

Womp. Womp. Wommmmmmmmmp.

My five year old really likes to say that, and I have taken to it.  It really just sums up so much.  It is almost like taking a deep breath in itself and allows room to giggle, put on my big girl pants and saddle up.  Because guess what? Ain’t nobody got time for that gloomy gussing, my life could be, I should be, if I had a better hair situation…okay, that is me whining because I may have recently made a poor hair change choice that I am working on accepting along with all of the other accepting because do we really have time to sit around and let our hair dictate our mood.


It’s February friends.
Let’s do it like January.
Gratitude in hand.  Changes in Mind.  Heart in Action.
Grace for Ourselves.

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