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July 11 marked two months of having three littles in our home and it all sure is flying by as expected.  Our token phrase with Archer seems to be “so far, so good” in reference to how he/we is doing thus far.  I could sum him up by saying he is a sweet demeanored, dramatic crier, typical sleeper, great eater, rapidly growing, cuddle loving, happy two month old.

Bam. There Was Your Update.
Okay fine, details, details.
It Was a Busy Month After all.


Dear Archer the Great,

You are such a source of sweet joy in our day to day lives for each and every family member. You have found your place perfectly making it very clear that you were always supposed to be here with us.

DSC_0134_edited-1This past month has been a little hit or miss in the sleeping arena.  Still not terrible, we have done terrible my little love, but you haven’t made great strides of progress either.  You must only be two months old or something!  I blame growth spurts, though they aren’t as obvious as I remember but oh well. It has been as I said, very hit or miss and with a few frustrating up all night acting like you want to eat, but don’t really want to eat, but maybe your tummy hurts in the books, we are ready to move on.  That prompted me to go ahead and curb your cues to a bit of a schedule tuned to your needs and you really, really took to it.  You are eating every three hours, staying awake to play for an hour or so afterwards and then down to nap! It made for a much happier you both during the day and night! Now, we are lucky in that typically you still DSC_0093_edited-1give us an initial 4 hour stretch after your last dream-feed around 9:30/10:00 which leads me to realize I have never really documented your sweet little night time traditions.

We bathe you after your brothers go to sleep, still one of my most favorite times watching you wiggle around in the tub laughing at me and grinning the whole time. Next comes massage and “airing out” time while you chat and work on your muscle tone trying to roll back tDSC_0178_edited-1o belly.  After donning your pajamas we head out to the living room for a snuggle and some TV time where you go to sleep until that 9:30/10:00 dream feed after which we swaddle you up and put you to bed.  Strangely, this is the only sleep that you fall asleep on us, or that we allow that I should say.  For all of your day naps we hold you after your playtime as you are getting sleepy…so very sleepy…and then wrap you up still awake and set you in your crib where you put yourself to the final touches of sleep.  An average four hours at first and then two to three increments after that.  However, you have done a five hour stretch a few times so we know you can do it!

DSC_0705_edited-1 You love napping in your room, in your real crib,  a new change this DSC_0605_edited-1month, as already stated, your  eat, play sleep routine (different from your brothers)  with you that you thrive on.  Being so awake and alert you like being “left alone” to kick, coo and smile to get your energy out and ready for your next nap.  This is something different than we did with your brothers but you have really responded to the order of it and really stick to it with the occasional “I don’t want to wake up, I want to nap like it is night time,” struggle of tickling, kissing, talking you awake.  And I do mean struggle.

Though what we do not struggle with most days is your ability to go with the flow.  You hang out at the pool with us almost every single afternoon, taking a nap in your stroller under the shade content to let yoDSC_0019_edited-1ur brothers play and even give me some time with them in the water.  Once you wake you go back to sleep on me in a chair and there we sit watching and enjoying the summer slowness. So, if it is snoozing at the pool or snuggling in the ergo carrier you are pretty willing to go wherever, except in the car.  We all DSC_0817_edited-1dread the car unless the stars align and you stay asleep which doesn’t happen often.  Pacifier please.

Strength and size are some of your marked abilities as at six weeks you decided to start rolling belly to back!  I mean really son, I was granted more time to just leave you in one place!  You have other plans clearly.  I almost missed the whole thing because it was just so unexpected. While you are loving showing off your new skills DSC_0824_edited-1on your playmat, you are most happy first thing in the morning, post feeding when we plop you in your swing.  Don’t get confused, you don’t actually want the fancy swing turned on, duh, you just like the angle and support of it and by golly, the plush mobile.  Strange. It doesn’t spin on it’s own or do anything fancy like everyone wants to think babies would like.  But I tell you what, they did their research on those three plush ovals DSC_0828_edited-1because you LOVE them.  You look up and giggle and go cross eyed and kick so hard I swear the table will break.  We get a good 30 minutes of you wanting to just stay in there happy as can be!  So we apparently bought this new swing for you just for the three stuffed ovals.

Whatever. Works.

Your brothers are still totally in love with you. Totally.  Everett in particular.  Not that Caden doesn’t adore yDSC_0769_edited-1ou, but he carries on with his day more and most definitely helps when needed (talking to you, pacifiers, etc). Everett though, Everett really wants to check on you at all times, be in your space, rub your head constantly, give you toys…particularly snuggles, and provide play by play commentary on every little thing you do.  It is like he is a first time big brother or something. Oh wait, he is.  They especially love it if you happen to be in a good mood at their bedtime (tricky because it is usually about the time you want to start winding down too) and can lay with all of us while we sing songs and tuck them in.  But I am telling you son, you certainly hit the jackpot in the brother department because they keep talking having three boys now.


With the rolling, and constant working out of your arms and legs you were physically DSC_0810_edited-1very busy this month, but so was your social schedule.  We celebrated Father’s Day and your first official holiday, Fourth of July.  While both were family affairs it wouldn’t be true to your baby book if we didn’t appropriately document the occasion and embarrass you with festive attire.  Okay, your brothers really went all out and you were along for the ride but that’s okay.


Overall, we are just enjoying you. Your cuddles, your constant interaction now and DSC_0148_edited-1response to our noises . (favorites being when Mommy makes a high purring sound, or clicking ourDSC_0109_edited-1 tongue) You are still packing on the chunk, complete with “roll muscles” a double chin and a beer belly to make the best of “Dad-Bods” jealous.  Seriously.  At two months you are rocking 3-6 month clothing, weighing in at 13.3 pounds and are somewhere in the 90 plus percentiles of both height and weight.  Staying true to your big boy status and toning my arms all at the same time.  Such a team player!


We just love everything that you are about and are taking you all in.  Each bath time wiggle, each chubby roll, each snuggle under our neck and each back arched stretch.  All of those little things that we know won’t last but will leave little remnants behind in what will become your bug boy personality one day.  So for now sweet boy, stay not so little little, I am perfectly fine with that.  Get ready, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, you aren’t getting a whole lot of space when there is this much love to share. So many smooches to be had and not a moment to spare.  After all, it is already going too quickly.  On to month three!

(which technically ends next week)

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